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Chamber of Commerce Member Directory

Sevier County Chamber of Commerce works along side with local businesses & industry to ensure we serve our community and promote growth!


Small town, BIG TASTE!  Sevier County is home to a variety of local food establishments that range from quick bites to gourmet treats! Your taste buds are in for a great adventure as you pick from true amazing hometown country cooking to exploring some of the State's best authentic Mexican cuisine. 


Sevier County is truly a hidden gem.  The local shops in our community ensure that you can truly find something for anyone of any age.  Small shops and business also provide great entertainment options that are suitable for the entire family. All while providing quality family service.  

Need to figure out where to stay? Don't worry, we have options there too!


Whether you are passing by, staying a day, or decide to stay forever! We welcome you as part of our community and understand that you have needs.  The Sevier County Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with a wide range of service professionals and industry (ranging from medical to fabrication) and together work hard to not only serve our community, but to promote growth!

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Community is more than just where you live, it's who you share it with.  The Sevier County Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of staying connected.  This is why we value our many groups, institutions, and organizations in our efforts to build a stronger Sevier County.  Be sure to click on the "Learn More" button below to see our educational, realty, civic groups, churches, non-profits, and other organizational options that will be best for you and your family!

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